Sarah, 22


McKenzie Angelo, Program Assistant

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My name is Sarah, and I joined YPC in the fall of 2010. Earlier that year I was kicked out of my home. I was also struggling with an abusive relationship. I felt alone and depressed and had become suicidal. A couple of my friends had been trying to convince me to join YPC for a while, and I finally gave it a try. It didn't take long for me to find a family of friends who helped me begin to heal. 


Through YPC, not only have I gained confidence in my abilities as a performer, but I have become optimistic about my future. After YPC, I plan to go on to use the strength and life skills I've gained to help others in need, particularly victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


YPC fills a major need in our community. YPC literally saved my life. Together, we show other young people that we can be proud of who we are and feel comfortable in our own skin. Performing with YPC, conveying a message of hope, love, and acceptance to others, I feel truly alive. 

Carlos, 22

A good friend of mine took me to my first rehearsal in September 2010. I was nervous at first. I'd never really sung on stage before besides a couple of school talent shows. Seeing how prepared the other singers were, I was a little intimidated, but as soon as people would see me shrink away they would bring me back in and encourage me to sing out strong. I soon started to develop the confidence I needed to sing my first solo. Where the used to be a shy little kid now stands a rather confident young man.


YPC hasn't just taught me about singing. Through YPC, I gained the courage to come out to my family. YPC has also taught me about giving back to the community and to stand up for what is right. I sing because I want to help create a world where people have the courage to follow their hearts.


Outside of YPC I work full time and attend Lehman College as an English major. I am also founding member of LVL Up Entertainment, a company that gives up-and-coming performers opportunities to develop their skills and to perform.

Dylan, 22

I have always loved music and had performed in school programs here and there, but YPC has by far been the most fulfilling group I've participated in. I happened to join YPC as it was doing its first original play, and that was the most challenging performance I'd ever done, stepping into a lead role, running lines, singing at dancing at the same time. This group has given me more than I ever thought it could. Through YPC, I've improved exponentially as a singer and all-around performer, and I've become so confident in who I am. Most importantly, YPC has given me a family, whom I will love and be connected to for the rest of my life, no matter where the journey takes me.


I will soon graduate from Hunter College with a double major in psychology and women's studies. I plan to take a year off to continue working at Brooklyn Industries where I am a newly minted manager as well as traveling and getting deeper into music, trying out for showcases and programs, something I never would have done if it wasn't for YPC. Because of YPC, I feel like I'm now entitled to call myself a performer.

Pedro, 21

My name is Pedro, and I joined YPC to express myself and get my story out. I joined to improve my confidence, to develop as a performer, and to be heard. I joined to stand and feel my worth. 


Outside of YPC I work at Starbucks and attend CUNY Brooklyn College, majoring in marketing and minoring in art. After YPC I hope to continue performing while working in management or marketing. 


Without YPC, I don't think I would have the full life I currently live. By performing with YPC, I hope to be an inspiration to others to be who they are openly with no judgement and to discover their individual talents.