YPC singers discover their own power by empowering others. Fueled by the conviction that LGBTQ youth need safe environments to learn and grow, and driven by the tragic fact that over 85% of LGBTQ students in American schools are physically or verbally abused each year, the Peer Empowerment Project was created. Initiated in2010, YPC’s PEP has already been presented to hundreds of students in and around New York. 


PEP is a free, in-school presentation of performance, education, and discussion. Our goal is to stop anti-gay bullying and homophobia in schools, online, and in the young people’s homecommunities. In a PEP session, YPC explodes negative stereotypes and presents positive role models for LGBTQ youth and their straight friends.


At a typical PEP session, YPC singers perform a set of 3 – 5 exhilarating song and dance numbers, providing a fun and comfortable way for all students to explore these sensitive issues. A YPC staff member then facilitates a lively discussion between YPC singers and students, encouraging them to share diverse experiences of bullying and homophobia. Through this connection, both groups of young people gain information and understanding that empowers them to become stronger advocates for the safety and well-being of all young people.



The Connect program allows YPC performers to interact with otheryoung people as out and proud representatives of LGBT youth. They have performed with blind students at Lighthouse International and participated in an anti-bullying workshop with performing arts students at Rosie’s Theatre Kids.

YPC Connect is Youth Pride Chorus’s community outreach program. In addition to performing two public concerts each season, the singers of Youth Pride Chorus participate in eye-opening and stereotype-defying outreach performances, seen and heard by thousands of people each year. 


The Connect program brings YPC's out and proud young singers to perform for diverse audiences within and beyond the LGBT community. YPC Connect performances fall into several sub-categories: the Peer Empowerment Project (PEP) anti-bullying program, youth engagement, bookings and fundraising events within the LGBT community, activism within the LGBT community, and consultancy.




Book Youth Pride Chorus for your corporate, non-profit, educational or community event. Fees from bookings help support the majority of our Connect Program outreach work.


Send inquiries to Lisa Reilly at




YPC performs in response to important events or issues that impact LGBT community. For example, YPC sang at a rally protesting the vandalism that destroyed The LGBT Community Center’s rainbow flag and YPC’s video for the “It Gets Better” project went viral and been viewed more than 100,000 times to date.



YPC offers consultancy for organizations wishing to create or further develop arts programs for LGBT youth in the following areas: Program Design, Partnership structures, Teacher Training, Youth Development.